A new Eco Balloon is born

Building a new Eco balloon, the story

Following an idea of Pierrick Duvoisin the company TOTALGAZ joined this innovative concept to build a new hot air balloon for passenger flights with Eco Balloon technology. I was commissioned to document and film the different parts of the conception, building and flying of this new Eco Balloon. We travelled to Spain and Italy to film the different part of the processes in the factories of Ultramagic and Bonanno Burners. The first flight sequences were filmed the 1st December 2012 in Château d’Oex with beautiful snowy landscapes and amazing lights. In January 2013 we filmed the last air-to-air scenes with a flight above Le Creux-du-Van (Switzerland).


Behind the scenes pictures

Pictures by Franziska Neuhaus and Yannick Barthe – Copyright TOTALGAZ & Yannick Barthe Films 2013

Filming days 1 and 2 : Igualada (Spain)

Filming days 3 and 4 : Mondovi (Italy) 

Filming day 5 : Château d’Oex (Switzerland)

Filming day 6 : Creux-du-Van (Switzerland)


International Hot-Air Balloon Festival in Château-d’Oex

Congratulations to my friend Pierrick for his innovations with the Eco balloons and his amazing work on this project. Many thanks to TOTALGAZ and a special thank to all the team and to all the wonderful persons who work on this project with us !

Credits and film crew

Directed, filmed and edited by Yannick Barthe
Assistant and 2nd camera / photos : Franziska Neuhaus
Project Manager : Pierrick Duvoisin
Total Gaz Suisse : Samir Chercher and Pauline Martin
Pilots : Pierrick Duvoisin, Arnaud Favre, Nicolas Tièche
Ground Crew : Claude Tièche, Cédric Burri, Roland Wicki, Laurent Sciboz, Matthias Maitre
Ultramagic, Igualada (Spain) : Joseph Maria LLadó, Carles LLadó, Jordi Vives Talló
Bonanno Burners, Mondovi (Italy) : Paolo Bonanno, Nicole Bonanno
Air-Glaciers : Pascal Guinnard, Michael Schindelholz
Paragliders : David Geiser, Matthias Maitre, Jeremy Peclard

The other film projects with Balloon Concept

Eco Trans Canada ambitions to cross Canada from west to east on a revolutionary hot air balloon. Managed by multiple world champion Pierrick Duvoisin, this project will showcase technological innovations, propose an observation and measurement platform for scientific high schools; it will also provide an educational approach to students. More infos on : www.balloonconcept.ch.