Showreel Yannick Barthe 2012

Yannick Barthe Showreel 2012

I would like to showcase this 2012 season and I invite you to have a look on my new showreel with the highlights of my work as filmmaker, cameraman and editor. It has always been the passion for video/film, pictures and new interesting projects in aerial disciplines which inspires me, drives me and makes me travel in Switzerland or abroad filming aircrafts, helicopters and other aerial footage.

This year I worked in Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland. 2012 was rich in meetings, new collaborations and new important documentary projects for which I spent several days of total immersion with the subject and people. I started in January with the filming of two hot air balloons videos with paragliding and skydiving jumps for Honda and Balloon Concept. Followed by the stunning video of an Extra 330 SC doing aerobatics in the Swiss Alps. After that, I’ve edited a short documentary to cover the project “Eco Trans Canada 2014″ of my friend Pierrick Duvoisin. In May I started the filming of this year’s main project : I followed Captain Ralph “Deasy” Knittel during his airshows season and made his portrait as the Swiss F/A-18 Hornet pilot and his work as the solo display presenter on airshows in Switzerland and abroad. Beside this work, I’ve filmed some stunning aviation videos in Waddington (UK), Birrfeld (CH), Sanicole (BE), Axalp (CH) with the Rafale, the F16 and the Swip Team by night, the impressive Chinook, my friends of the Captens, the Breitling Jet Team, etc… and a short-clip for Edelweiss Air. One summer afternoon I’ve met my old friends of aeromodelling and we filmed a short video of a Yak 55. Remembering my first steps in video 10 years ago ! Now I’m working on a new hot air balloon documentary and new videos for the Patrouille Suisse.

Thank you to all my friends, the pilots, the mechanics, the airshows organizers for all the amazing dreams we have accomplished and the great fun we had along this year 2012. Thank you to all the pilots for their trust in me and who gave me the possibility to install my onboard cameras on their aircrafts or allowed me to use their onboard footage. A special thanks to Franziska for her important support and her help on filmings or at home when I work long hours on my Mac for editing. Many thanks for your collaboration : Claude Walther, Anne Knabe, Andreas Knabe, Pierrick Duvoisin, Arnaud Favre, Cédric Burri, Nicolas Tièche, Claude Tièche, Samir Chercher, Nicole et Paolo Bonanno, Josep Maria LLadó, Ultramagic, Emiliano Del Buono, Michael Brocard, Gregory Le Moigne (for our collaboration at the Sanicole Airshow 2012), Breitling Jet Team, Hptm Ralph “Deasy” Knittel, Swiss Air Force, Komm D LW, ltcol EMG Michael Leuthold, Hptm Bernhard Kocher, col EMG Benoît Studemann, Oberst Martin Erb, Oberst lt Marcus Levy, Maj Beat Hedinger, maj EMG Jeremy Faux, Hptm Matthieu Ghiringhelli, Niels Husmann, Josef Zemp, Urs Matti, Marco Liechti, Daniel Sulliger, Max Schilt, Beat Niklaus, Gabriel Hadorn, Johann Heurtebise, Christian Pillonel, David Maillard, Cédric Genoud, Grégory Carrard, Bodo Airshow 2012, Waddington Airshow 2012, Birrfeld Airshow 2012, Axalp Airshow 2012, Sanicole Airshow 2012, Swip Team, Joeri Mombers, Marianne Shaw, Adam Shaw, Edelweiss Air, Patrouille Suisse, David Geiser, Matthias Maitre and David Zigerli.

Video gear and equipment :

Sony NEX-FS100
Sony NEX-5n
Sony 18-200 OSS E-mount
Sony 50mm OSS Prime F1.8 E-mount
Sony 16mm F2.8 E-mount
Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 A-mount
Sennheiser EW 112-p G2
Sony CML V55 LCD monitor
GoPro 1, GoPro 2
Contour HD+
Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly™
Glidecam HD 4000