Yannick Barthe


My name is Yannick Barthe. I studied Engineering Sciences and I’m currently working as a Project manager in Switzerland. I’m also an independent Swiss cameraman, photographer and filmmaker. You will find me on airfields, airshows or on the top of mountains filming all types of aircraft, capturing my perspective on the beauty of flight. I’ve been passionate about cinema from childhood onwards and discovered the world of filmmaking in 1998.

I’m always taking pictures around me with videocameras, dslr or my iphone. I love pictures, music and cinema and with my electronics and technology basics I’m always interested in new cameras, gear and filming techniques.

My years of experience filming aviation videos combined with my open-mindedness gave me the opportunity to develop my skills in a wide range of areas. I love pictures of all kind but I’ve a marked preference for aviation films and aerial photography. A world of people, choreography and legends. The beauty of flight, the beauty of inaccessible places reached only through the third dimension. Performances of flying machines, sometimes simple, sometimes with advanced technology and colourful displays of smoke in the vastness of the sky. However I am also involved in the world of events and dance performances. Nature sequences often introduce or accompany my movies. A universe where I like placing my camera creating moods and atmospheres close to a river, woods or other amazing places. An interesting environment to play with my Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly or create timelapses. Interesting workflow with macro photography.

With this website I would like to showcase and share my work with friends, pilots and people who like photography and films. The videos and photos portfolio available on this website contain a mix of different kinds of films (commissioned and freelance works). Even though I work on commission or for customers, filming is my passion and an important part in my life.

Feel free to contact me with your questions, comments or inquiries for project collaboration.

I wish you a pleasant visit and a lot of fun.